WRW multilayer pipes – a certified success story

WRW's products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The standardisation and certification of high-performance products are key parts of our daily routine. We always keep our precise measurement procedure and equipment abreast of the most up-to-date technology. This guarantees optimal results and thus makes an important contribution to the success of our composite pipes.

The quality of our technical understanding and research references means that here at Westfaelische Rohrwerke we are well placed to share our expertise with others. We perform exact measurements for manufacturers and partners and thus substantially promote the development of new products and alternative fields of application.

DVGW Certification PE-RT AL PE-RT Smartpipe System 2 16 - 32 mm
DVGW Certification PE-RT AL PE-RT Smarpipe 16 - 63 mm
DIN ISO 9001 2015 Managementsystem
DVGW Certificate Smartpipe System 1 PE-RT AL PE-RT NW 16 - 32 mm
DVGW Certifikat Smartpipe PE-RT AL PE-RT 75 mm
SKZ Certificate PE-RT AL PE-RT