Commitment has many faces

As a company based in Ahlen we take responsibility for looking after our environment. To do this, we mainly focus on the three pillars of sustainability: ecology, economy and social affairs. This approach ensures the most economical and efficient use of resources when producing our multilayer pipes.

Economical sustainability is also one of our main principles. By operating in a cost-effective and responsible manner, we are ensuring our 65 valuable employees a long-lasting means of income.

Sticking up for social affairs in our region also belongs to our sense of entrepreneurship. Therefore, we are committed to the prevention of addiction and support local sport activities as well as a local citizens’ centre.

Environmental Guideline of WRW Westfälische Rohrwerke GmbH

At WRW, environmental protection is an important business goal. With this, we attribute to the reduction of environmental impact.
For our company, striving for environmental protection is an obligation towards our clients, our fellow citizens and all succeeding generations.

Company environmental protection means for us to take a holistic view of processes, to analyse and to improve them.

We continuously measure and monitor our energy, water and utilities consumption while optimising our processes in order to reduce our consumption by organisational and technical measures.

Only by respectful treatment of the environment during the production and the provision of our services, environmental impacts can be reduced.

We keep laws and regulations as well as official requirements and we oblige ourselves to steadily improve our in-house environmental management.

A successful environmental protection can only be achieved by active participation of all employees. Therefore, we inform and instruct each employee in such a way that he or she is able to take over co-responsibility and hence environmental protection can actively be ‘lived out’ in our company.

With our business partners and authorities, we discuss the environmental impacts of our company in an open and factual manner and are always looking for suggestions for improvement.

When procuring our raw and auxiliary materials we keep to ecological criteria as far as possible and economically justifiable. At WRW, we prefer suppliers also giving equally high priority to environmental protection as we do.

WRW Westfälische Rohrwerke GmbH


Protection of the environment? Excellent!

As a responsible company being deeply rooted in that region Westfälische Rohrwerke GmbH is steadily working at the reduction of environmental impacts as far as possible. For this reason, we have decided to become part of the ÖKOPROFIT-network NRW. This project is supported by the Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of North Rhine-Westphalia.

In cooperation with experts and municipalities we take versatile measures which perfectly match to each other in order to increase our eco-efficiency. To achieve this, we thoroughly examine our processes and use potential for savings by foresighted-environmental protection and the recycling of materials. Simultaneously, we develop awareness of our employees for this highly sensitive topic – so that every single employee behaves in a socially responsible manner. We, as a certified ÖKOPROFIT company, look forward to partly contributing to the protection of the environment in the long term!