The right partner for high-quality industrial applications

Manufactured to your own specifications, WRW's high-quality multilayer pipes guarantee the reliability and security of your industrial application. Whether for district heating or for the pharmaceutical, food, shipbuilding, bio-energy, chemical or automotive industries – there is practically no limit to the range of applications for WRW's multilayer pipes made of plastics and aluminium.

WRW's depth of expertise in the field of housing solutions is also matched by the industrial application sector. Specify your problem and we will find the most suitable solution. The flexibility of our approach helps create the optimum multilayer pipe to reliably meet your requirements.

The benefits of using our multilayer pipes:

  • Excellent consultancy and high-quality service in all areas
  • Corrosion-free and pressure-resistant
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Complete system solutions from one source
  • Diffusion-resistant, long-lasting and secure

Do you have an inquiry regarding multilayer pipes for industrial application? Contact us directly on phone number + 49 2382 76008-0

For more information, please download our product flyer:

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