Certification ÖKOPROFIT

We are happy to inform you that in the frame of our environmental management system WRW Westfälische Rohrwerke has been awarded the ÖKOPROFIT certificate.

In a solemn hour this ÖKOPROFIT certificate was given to WRW by District Administrator Dr. Olaf Gericke and Dr. Peter Jahn being the Head of the Efficiency Agency in NRW.

ÖKOPROFIT standing for an ecological project for integrated environmental technology helps companies to enable the implementation of an efficient environmental management system with the support of the Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Nature and Consumer Protection of the state of NRW.

Over a one-year period the different areas of WRW were thoroughly analyzed and examined for its optimization potential in the environmental sense. The subsequent optimizations resulted in an annual saving of 260 t CO², 8.7 t waste and 230 m³ water.

Careful management with our natural resources is a key issue of our current generation. We, WRW, strongly believe that it is our duty to make an essential contribution to the protection of the environment and do our best to actively pursue this aim.

Pipe in Pipe isolation, hook and loop for multilayer pipes made by WRW

Two newly integrated machines in our production enable the insertion of main pipes into protection pipes as well as the wrapping of multilayer pipes with hook and loop fastener.

Our pipe-in-pipe insertion machine covers dimensions DN 14 to 32 mm. The production process is a quite simple: The protection tube is to be inserted by negative pressure being generated by a vacuum pump into the insertion machine. Once the desired ring length is reached, the pipe may be cut. Basically, the vacuum ensures an easier handling of the machine. Subsequently, the multilayer composite pipe is inserted by means of a pulling device into the corrugated pipe and is also cut at the required coil length. Afterwards, the pipe in corrugated pipe is wound up on a coiler.

Besides our pipe-in-pipe insertion machine, WRW has expanded its production by a finishing machine for wrapping our multilayer composite pipes with hook and loop fastener. On this plant, our pipes are equipped with hook and loop fastener in the sizes from DN 14 to 20 mm. For this, the multilayer composite pipe is inserted into the finishing machine via an uncoiling unit as well as a pulling device. A special winder wraps the main pipe in a spiral form with hook and loop fastener. Here again, different customized coil lengths are obtainable so that no customer request remains open. The usage of a high-quality hook and loop fastener ensures that is does not delaminate either from the multilayer composite pipe, the mat of fibers or the adhesive foil.

For more information you can download our product flyer under housing solutions.


WRW pioneering spirit and courage has been rewarded with the Town of Ahlens business prize 2012

On 25th October, 2012 Westfaelische Rohrwerke GmbH was awarded the ‘Ahlen Mammoth’ business prize in the Townhall of Ahlen. The prize was awarded, for the seventh time, to the companies shareholders and managing directors Horst Aschentrup, Gerhard Auental and Edmund Pilarski, for their pioneering spirit and courage as well as for WRW’s outstanding company history.

The award winners gave full credit to their employees, pointing out that “Without the support and great commitment of our team such success would not have been possible.” They then called on their staff to join them on the stage.

For more details about the awards ceremony, please visit the Town of Ahlens website: www.ahlen.de