WRW – Your specialist for innovative multilayer pipes

As the pioneer of overlap-welded multilayer pipes WRW can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customer. And you too can benefit from our comprehensive consultancy services, our long-standing expertise, and our innovative multilayer products made from plastic and metal.

Quality service and innovation are the building blocks of our success. For over 30 years WRW has managed to meet the requirements of our customers on every single project. To remain a trusted partner, a team of over 70 highly qualified employees produces composite pipes made of plastic and metal according to your wishes. In the 10 to 75 mm range, we manufacture pipes to the specifications that our customers require for housing installations or industrial solutions.

To live up to our own claim to create the optimum multilayer pipe we use only materials of the highest quality. This is why we only use stock that is verified to be from Germany or its neighbouring states. In addition, our products are regularly inspected by leading international certification bodies.

Not only in the production do we strive for the highest quality standards: Our strength is also in providing a comprehensive, competent and quick service. Know-how based on long experience makes us the ideal consultant for system solutions and all inquiries about pipe applications.

With personal commitment we steadily develop our products, set new international standards and therefore produce pipes of the highest quality. The key research efforts of Westfaelische Rohrwerke are focused on finding innovative solutions and new fields of application for multilayer pipes. In close cooperation with leading institutes and partners we are always working to maintain our leading position in the production of these products.